Body By Brenda
  ~Therapeutic Massage~
 618 Village Rd. Muncy, PA

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"From my first visit to Body by Brenda I was hooked. Her services are fantastic. She has gone above and beyond my expectations in helping me to deal with my muscle tension. I have finally found a way to relax." 

Theresa Knott
Hughesville, PA 

 "I carry lots of tension in my neck and shoulders. I began working with Brenda to help relieve the tenderness and soreness in those areas. I appreciate the time she takes to ask about my problem areas and that she doesn't just perform a standard massage for each client but instead customizes one for my needs. Brenda has helped relieve the knots and tension in my body. I always leave feeling extremely relaxed."

 Muncy, PA

"Not only has Brenda helped with my stress and pain relief but she also helped to put a special touch to my special day. I recently was married and and as part of my bridesmaids gifts I asked Brenda if she would come to my home and do massages for them. Brenda was very willing to do this for me. The girls and I were so appreciative. What a wonderful stress reliever on such a busy day. It was great. I would highly recommend Brenda. She is quiet, shows professional mannerism and performs an excellent massage. She is also very flexible to obtain an appointment with." 

Muncy, PA

"I began seeking out massage services to help with issues I was having with my neck. Not only has Brenda helped to alleviate pain in my neck but her relaxing, peaceful environment has given me a great place to get away for some stress relief. I am so confident in the services I have received from Brenda that if a friend were considering getting a massage I would pay for them to try Brenda."

Muncy, PA

"As I have gotten older and trying to do work such as working in the yard and other physical needs around the house I have more aches. I felt massage would be relaxing and help with my physical aches and pains. After receiving a massage from Brenda and then getting a massage from others I enjoyed my massage with Brenda better. I feel I am able to physically do more and know that as I am hurting, I will feel better after visiting Brenda. She has a great personality and has always made me feel very relaxed and calm and not nervous during my massage."

Cathy Johnson
Muncy, PA

​"I love Brenda's massages. She has helped in alleviating my shoulder and hip pain. After leaving from my massage I am already starting to feel less pain and knots gone. Amazing. Her hands are magical, you will love her."

Peggy Chute
Muncy, PA

"I have been working with Brenda since 2004. I stayed with her for all
these years because her hands are magical and filled with healing. From
day one her services have exceeded my expectations. My cranky neck has
always been an issue but when I see Brenda regularly I feel I can do
anything. She always has a way to find the places that need the most
attention. She has helped greatly with my pain relief and healing to old,
old injuries. Her techniques and services make me feel well and healthy.
My mind is clearer, my body is healthier and because of this spirit
soars. My cells dance with joy everyday."

Vickie VanderVere
Williamsport, PA

​"I work with my shoulders and arms a lot with being a hairdresser, this has caused me to have shoulder knots and tension along with headaches. I was looking for a way to relieve the tension and headaches. I was referred to Brenda by a friend. Since this time I have continued to visit Brenda regularly. She has helped lessen my shoulder tension and headaches. Massage is the best thing you can do for yourself. Brenda is awesome."

Kim Herlt
Hughesville, PA